Learning Guide 2016-2017


Street and Davis Performance Hall, Anne and Ellen Fife Theatre
Friday, March 17 and Saturday, March, 18, 2017

· Healing
· Hip-hop
· Resilience
· Gun violence
· Race
· Urban v. rural
· Media
· Higher education


· Departments and Programs: Human Development; Music; Theatre; Sociology;
Religion and Culture; Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine; Interdisciplinary Studies; Communications; Education; Leadership, Counseling, and Research; Higher Education Administration
· First Year Experience Common Book Themes: Personal narratives and Ut Prosim
· Aspirations for Student Learning: Civility, courageous leadership, and self
understanding and integrity


· The Story of (Be)longing. Charlotte Brathwaite, Vimeo, 2017,
https://vimeo.com/205888402. Accessed 14 Mar. 2017.
· Au Yong, Byron. "Byron Au Yong: Trigger." Byron Au Yong. N.p., 2016. Web. 1 June
· Jafferis, Aaron. "Question (Be)longing." International Festival of Arts & Ideas,
International Festival of Arts & Ideas, www.artidea.org/question-belonging. Accessed 14 Mar. 2017.
· Au Yong, Byron. Kidnapping Water: Bottled Operas, CD Baby, 2009.
· Hurwitt, Robert. "'Stuck Elevator' review: Top-flight." San Francisco Chronicle, 17 Apr.

· Byron Au Yong explains that (Be)longing is designed to encourage people to think
about “forgiveness and justice, freedom and safety, as well as other themes related to education, guns, race, and other topics.” After watching the performance, which of these topics resonated with you most? Why? How was the topic explored in the production and how did its exploration relate to your personal experience?
· Read librettist Aaron Jafferis’ piece Question (Be)longing. Which questions in the
piece do you find to be most urgent as you consider the prevalence of gun violence? What questions do you have about gun violence today?
· In its Blacksburg performance, (Be)longing features performers from the New River
Valley. What’s the significance of community members performing this piece? How does that choice impact your experience of the work?